Miracle Mile Chiropractic

This weeks sponsor spotlight is on "Miracle Mile Chiropractic".  A little over a year ago I started going to Dr. Mills on a regular basis, at that time my back was in really bad shape!! Today, with his chiropractic help and guidance on how to better take care of myself I am ready to go take on bear season, elk season, deer, whatever we hunt, where ever we go!!! Some of you might have your doubts on chiropractic work but I'm here to tell you he saved my hunting season yet alone just being able to get up from the chair & walk through my house without being in complete pain. Do you have back pain, shoulder or neck pain? your not going to get better doing nothing about it, "trust me I tried". Call Miracle Mile Chiropractic and give them the chance to do what they did for me, it takes time but it works wonders!!! MIRACLE MILE CHIROPRACTIC, They do their best to optimize your health so make your appointment today!!!
1102 Kresky Ave
Centralia WA 98531