Trophy Taker

Leading the Way on the Line and in the Field
Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead
Achieve success in the field requires a fast, accurate broadhead that cuts a big wound channel and remains quiet in flight.

The Shuttle T-Lock Broadheads fly like field points, cut larger holes, penetrate deeper, and we guarantee no lost blades. Create your success by hunting with the best - T-Lock Broadheads.

Xtreme FC Top Slot
The NEW Xtreme FC Top Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest loads quickly and easily while ensuring arrow capture and retention over 320 degrees of bow rotation.

The patent pending Xtreme Arrow Rest Series features an ultra-quiet full capture launcher, innovative Drop Stop Lunacher Noise and Vibration Dampener, one of a kind PVC rubberized ring coating, and NO TOOLS and NO FASTENERS to quickly install the cable clamp.

Trophy Taker is one of the top companies in the archery world today and a big supporter of Titan Outdoors. Click on their link now to check out more of their great products.