Bears down.

Ok, so we went down to try and call in a bear on Monday, After about 35 min or so we realized we should have brought the Therma Cell, gloves, face maskes & worn long sleeve shirts because we were getting eaten alive by skeeters  Bash .

Sighted in the Game Stalker

We sighted in the new Game Stalker 300 OSSM from Olympic Arms and I have to say they are sweet!!! I cant wait to get out and hunt with it.

Other than that we have only been out bear hunting a few times with no luck so far but we are just getting started.

Best of luck to all the bear hunters!!! Make sure you post your kill's on the brag board. 


Quick update, all the changes have been made to the dvd now I'm just waiting for my editor to finish up with all the other stuff, (menu, sponsor page and so on) I hope it will be done soon because it's almost bear season!!!!!!

We are heading out here in a few to sight in one of the new Olympic Arms Game Stalker 300 super short mag's so we can use it bear hunting on Sunday. I hope we get a chance to pull the trigger.

More work.

Watched the first run of the new dvd with Tracy and some friends. We have some changes to make and a little cutting to do before we call it done. Sorry for the wait but we don't want to just rush and put it out when there are a few things that need fixed. We are working hard to get it out as soon as we can. Hang in there..... Thanks for all your support! 

I have it!!!

I have the ruff copy of the dvd in my hands. I'm excited but I'm not going to watch it tonight cause my wife is out of town and I really want her to be here so we can watch it together. She is really good at spotting things that need to be fixed where I have been working on it for soooooo long I might just let something slip by. Needless to say I need her here to help....


 It has been a stressful day!!! I'm still waiting for a couple things to be finalized on the dvd then I will bring it home for Tracy and I to sit down, watch, pick it apart and make notes for changes. I hope to do that this weekend so I can get the changes done next week and get it sent out for duplication...... It will be nice when it is done that's for sure lol..... I'll let you know, good night.

Great weekend.

Had a nice relaxing weekend with the family. We went to the McMinamins Grand Lodge in Oregon. It's a nice place to go and spend time together away from all the hussle and bustle. Now it's back to the grind lol... Have a great week !!!

The weekend.

First off I want to welcome everyone to the site.  It's Saturday June 5th now and I'm  hanging out with the family today, Courtney and I are heading out in a few to shoot our bows. Tomorrow I'm going to some property that we are putting a food plot on for blacktails & prepairing  the ground for the "Blacktail Specialties" seed.

This week I will be working hard on our next DVD "Addicted 3" so that we can have it out sooooon, I hope!!!

The new Addicted Gear shirts should be out this month as well so look for them too.

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